Registration & Onboarding

This webpage provides information for CAT Reporters on how to gain access to the CAT Test and Production environments for the first time. Industry Members and CAT Reporting Agents that report to CAT on behalf of Industry Members must complete all onboarding steps to gain access to CAT, including:

  1. Register for CAT.
  2. Refer to the FINRA CAT Industry Member Onboarding Guide for the remaining onboarding steps.
Upon completion of Registration & Onboarding, access to the CAT Production environment will be authorized.


Questions related to this document may be directed to the FINRA CAT Helpdesk at 888-696-3348 or at


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CAT System Terms of Use (October 2019) – View or print the terms of use which appear on the login page of participating CAT applications

FINRA CAT Connectivity Supplement for Industry Members v1.1

Industry Communications