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A comprehensive list of resources relating to CAT Fees and CAT billing.

Billing Trade Details Technical Specifications

Information, including data elements and file formats, on Billing Trade Details Files associated with monthly CAT invoices. 

CAT Billing Scenarios

Companion resource to the Billing Trade Details Technical Specifications that illustrates how CAT data is used to identify the CAT Executing Brokers subject to CAT fees for purposes of CAT billing.

Billing Trade Summaries

The monthly billing trade summary file provides the aggregate executed equivalent share volume and total CAT Fees by product, side and venue for the industry.

CAT Billing CAT Alert

This CAT Alert describes how FINRA CAT, LLC, as the Plan Processor acting on behalf of CATLLC, will calculate applicable fees, issue invoices to and collect payment from CAT Executing Brokers. 

CAT Billing FAQs 

Frequently Asked Questions regarding CAT Fees and the CAT billing process.

Funding Model Approval Order

The SEC approved amendment to the CAT NMS Plan to implement a funding model for the CAT and to establish a fee schedule for Participant CAT fees in accordance with the funding model.

CAT Billing Webinars

A comprehensive list of CAT Billing Industry Webinars held to provide more information on the operational implementation of the CAT billing process including, but not limited to, a demonstration of the CAT Reporter Portal and how to access CAT billing documents.