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CAT CAIS Open Issues List (LTID Phase)

​Last Updated: 06/23/2022

 # Status Error Code Summary Resolution Priority Test Environment Targeted Release Date/Workaround Production Environment Targeted Release Date/Workaround Area
1 Open N/A Instances of an LTID Phase submission file not completing processing and remaining in a RECORD_SCAN_COMPLETED as a result of an error in the handling of the Submission ID. The feedback file available on the SFTP will contain any identified rejections, however the final transition to the Completed state is not received.

Code Release


Fix: Deployed 6/8/2022

Fix: 7/1/2022

Data Validation
2 Open N/A Some rejection repairs are not properly reflected in the Submission Report information. This also impacts statistics in the monthly Report Card. Code Release High Fix: 6/26/2022 Fix: 7/1/2022 Data Validation & Report Cards