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Full CAIS Production Certification and Compliance Deadlines Extended

The Participants have determined to delay the full Customer Account Information System (“CAIS”) compliance deadline from July 11, 2022, to a date projected to be in Q4 2022, which new date will be subsequently announced. This extension of the compliance deadline will assist in addressing reporting challenges and delays in error feedback and processing, and will allow time for such issues to be remediated. The CAIS testing environment has been available since January 31, 2022, and the production environment has been available since April 25, 2022. While the compliance deadline for full CAIS reporting is moving to a later date, Industry Members are expected to continue testing and now will be required to certify for production system access by July 25, 2022 (instead of July 11, 2022). There will be interim reporting requirements between July and Q4 2022 to ensure Industry Members can comply with CAIS reporting requirements by the new full CAIS compliance deadline.