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Phase 2c

​Last Updated: 7/20/2021

# Status Summary Publish Date Spec Version
1 Open Update section 3.4 to clarify requirements for options prior to Phase 2d outlined in Scenario 3.7.3. TBD TBD
2 Open Clarify description of solicitationFlag field to be consistent with new FAQ C8. TBD TBD


Phase 2d

​Last Updated: 7/20/2021

# Status Summary Publish Date Spec Version
1 Open Change the TIDType field from Required to Optional and note that TIDType may be required at a future date no sooner than July 11, 2022. 8/2/21 4.0.0 r10
2 Open Remove leavesQty from Route Modification and Route Cancellation events 8/2/21 4.0.0 r10
3 Open Correct priorOrderID on MOOM event from Required to Conditional 8/2/21 4.0.0 r10
4 Open Split Error Code 6025 into two error codes:
  • 6025 - side in buyDetails did not match
  • 6027 - side in sellDetails did not match
8/2/21 4.0.0 r10
5 Open Clarify in Section 3.7 that pairedOrderID is also on Order Accepted events 8/2/21 4.0.0 r10
6 Open Revert language changes to netPrice field - cannot be populated if the order is traded at a formula such as a specific Delta. The relevant tied-to instruction would still be required. 8/2/21 4.0.0 r10
7 Open Clarify that allocation events are required for bookings to Customer accounts as opposed to Client accounts, as defined in the data dictionary.  8/2/21 4.0.0 r10
8 Open Add timeInForce field to MOOMR and MLOMR to be consistent with MEOMR event 8/2/21 4.0.0 r10
9 Open Add handlingInstructions value ‘LCE’ (Lifecycle Completion Event) 8/2/21 4.0.0 r10
10 Open Add handlingInstructions value ‘PBG’ (Price Based on Greeks) 8/2/21 4.0.0 r10
11 Open Clarify that tradeDate will be used to validate symbol validity on allocation events 8/2/21 4.0.0 r10
12 Open Update definitions of Error Codes 2060 and 2089 to state “Symbol is not Valid” 8/2/21 4.0.0 r10
13 Open Add supplement events for MEMR, MECR, MOMR, and MOCR to supplement the routeRejectedFlag. Clarify requirements for managing routeRejectedFlag on MLMR and MLCR events and use of MLOS event. 8/2/21 4.0.0 r10
14 Open Add Error Code 6029 – Duplicate Exchange Trade Linkage Key 8/2/21 4.0.0 r10


Phase 2a/2b

​Last Updated: 7/20/2021

 # Status Summary Publish Date Spec Version
    N/A as of 7/20/2021